Teaching philosophy

As an instructor of economics and public policy, I strive to deepen my students’ understanding of and develop their abilities to engage with policy-relevant concepts in the social sciences. Throughout my teaching experiences, I have developed three core teaching principles which I aim to incorporate into all my interactions with students:

1. Active and engaged learning

2. Mutual respect and collaboration

3. Applicability of concepts beyond the classroom

For more, please see my teaching statement.

Pedagogical training

To develop as an instructor and learn about new and exciting teaching methods and ideas, I seek opportunities for pedagogical training. I completed Duke University's Certificate in College Teaching program and was a Preparing Future Faculty Fellow (2018-19).



  • Instructor, Environmental Policy (PPOL 897), Penn State University (Spring 2020)

  • Instructor, Public Policy Analysis (PPOL 809), Penn State University (Fall 2020)

  • Instructor, Math Refresher Short Course for Incoming MPP Students, Duke University (Fall 2019, Fall 2018)

  • Co-Instructor, Advanced Course on Program Evaluation for Natural Resource and Environmental Economists Workshop, SANDEE, Kathmandu, Nepal (Fall 2018)

Teaching assistant

  • Head Teaching Assistant, Microeconomics: Policy Applications (masters), Duke University, with S. Pattanayak (Spring 2019)

  • Teaching Assistant, Global Environmental Health: Economics and Policy (masters), Duke University, with S. Pattanayak (Spring 2018)

  • Teaching Assistant, Intermediate Microeconomics (undergraduate), Moravian College, with S. Aziz (Spring 2013-Spring 2015)

Guest lectures

  • Microeconomic Policy Tools (M. Johnson, Duke University, Fall 2019)

    • Topic: Externalities

  • Microeconomics: Policy Applications (S. Pattanayak, Duke University, Spring 2019)

    • Topics: Taxation, Economic geography

  • Intermediate Microeconomics (K. Rouse, Elon University, Spring 2019)

    • Topic: Introduction to monopoly

  • Cost Benefit Analysis (M. Jeuland, Duke University, Fall 2018)

    • Topic: Contingent valuation

  • Global Environmental Health: Economics and Policy (S. Pattanayak, Duke University, Spring 2018)

    • Topics: Social preferences, Gender and environmental health, Systematic review